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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Reset Samsung CLX-6260ND

12/06/2014 01:32:00 AM

Firmware Reset Page Counter Samsung CLX-6260ND

  • Product name: Samsung CLX-6260ND reset software.
  • Compatible printer: Samsung CLX-6260ND.
  • Compatible versions: 48f.

Notes before update firmware Samsung CLX-6260ND

  1. Find out exactly version, serial and crum of Samsung CLX-6260ND .
  2. Samsung CLX-6260ND Driver Software is installed on computer.
  3. Check the connection between computer and printer to make sure it works well.
  4. Toner chip located over the cartridge is removed or covered by tapes.
  5. Make sure the supplies power works well during soft-ware running process (you should use UPS for printer and computer to prevent them from loosing supplies power).

How to install firmware to clear page counter Samsung CLX-6260ND

1. Connect the printer to the computer and install it
2. Turn on printer holding button "Stop/Echo", if device has display, than push on  "Stop/Echo" button once or twice until you see "Wait Image" on device display (recommended download firmware in forced mode)
3. Install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 program (only for OS older than Windows 7)
4. Set Plugin ClickOnce for your browser (Internet Explorer supports by default)

    Plugin for Google Chrome
    Plugin for Firefox

5. Click on link, which you get after payment for firmware

6. After it firmware download begins (downloading time is about 4-8 min depend of internet)
7. Wait until the printer reprograms  (5-15 min) and restarts ( if indicator blink that's mean that printer start reprograming)
8. After that the reprogramming process is finished, restart the printer

Warning! Firmware will be available for installation only for 6 hours! So please make sure you will be able to install firmware during 6 hours before ordering it!

Why Samsung CLX-6260ND needs to clear page counter

- CLT-506L cartridge is enclosed with a toner chip that was used to calculate toner coverage and to deliver bold or light printout quality depending on printer original printout design.
- Samsung CLX-6260ND toner chip contains calculated limitation that was managed by Samsung manufacturer. Following Samsung, if toner coverage is 5%, Samsung CLX-6260ND toner chip is delivered 3.500 ? 6.000 pages.
- If toner coverage is higher than 5% -> Toner Page Yields are less than 3.500 ? 6.000 pages. If toner coverage is lower than 5%, Toner Page Yields are 3.500 ? 6.000 pages. That is the reason why bold printouts (high toner coverage) will make printer run out of toner quickly.
- When Samsung CLX-6260ND toner chip overload its calculated limitation, printer will be locked inspire of high toner cartridge.

When Samsung CLX-6260ND needs to be reset

- Samsung CLX-6260NDN status: red light blinking, imprinting.
- Computer status (on Smart Panel): empty toner, Replace toner, install toner, end of life replace new cart , toner cartridge is not installed, Install the cartridge, toner exhausted.

How to fix Samsung CLX-6260ND with Toner Error

1.Change new toner cartridge

- Samsung CLX-6260ND’s toner cartridge (CLT-506L) costs $58 ? $60 depending on its supplier and manufacturer.
- Changing toner cartridge seems to be suboptimal because when printer runs out of toner, we also need to change new toner cartridge => money wasting

2. Change new toner chip

- Samsung CLX-6260ND’s toner chip costs $15-$22 depending on its supplier.
- Changing toner chips seems to be more optimal but when printer runs out of toner, we also need to change new toner chip.

3. Reset Samsung CLX-6260ND by using software

- Reset software automatically impacts to printer firmware so printer ignores paper counter. Therefore, there is not necessary to change toner chip, you just refill toner when it runs out.

==>> Reset Samsung CLX-6260ND by using software is the best solution to fix Toner Error on Samsung CLX-6260ND.

Download Firmware Samsung CLX-6260ND

Reset Samsung CLX-6260ND


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